Children’s Aquatic Celebrations

Water loving fun filled celebration attendees have the unique opportunity to celebrate occasions such as birthdays, graduations, etc. at the complex. The Academia de Natacion Monica Ospina offers a spectacular space inclusive of all party supplies to host an unforgettable experience. Included with the exclusive pool party are the following perks:
~ Exclusive use of the space for a 4 hour celebration
~ Exclusive use of the pool for 3 hours
~ Pool dimensions (4.5m x 10m)
~ Expert support staff trained in aquatic recreation, 2 team members, which accompany and supervise the children throughout the experience
~ Tailored activities to choose from including any supplies needed to accompany the fun
~ Dedicated staff to support all activities
~ Party room with games and fun filled indoor activities
~ Kids playground
~ Garden
~ Multiple restrooms (4)
~ Common areas for hosting
~ Basic kitchen at your disposal
~ Cafeteria
~ Gift shop with pool and swimming accessories